About Us:

The Tulsa Schutzhund Club (TSC) was founded in 1983 in order to promote the owner-trained dog and to encourage the overall betterment of the working dog and his usefulness to family and country. The club also conducts events for education and competitive purposes, and strives to develop public interest, and the belief that it is the dog and sport that count.

Tracking is the development of a dog's natural ability. The tracking test analyzes the dog's perseverance, his scenting capacity, and his willingness to work.

Obedience develops a dog's character and confidence, and makes for a more enjoyable house companion. Schutzhund obedience looks at the handler and dog as a team and puts much more emphasis on a stable working relationship than on absolute perfection in a ring procedure. The dog must be able to heel at his handler's side, retrieve objects, jump, and do a variety of other exercises.

Protection as trained for schutzhund requires that the dogs have a reliable temperament, a stable disposition, and show courage without viciousness. The protection phase measures the dog's courage, his obedience, and his self-reliance.

TSC trains Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings at Chandler Park, located on West 21st St. Saturday sessions involve tracking (which is at 41st St and Garnett), obedience, and protection work. Wednesdays are predominately obedience and protection sessions. We encourage individuals who are interested in finding out more about our club to attend a Saturday morning session to get a more complete view of the training. 

TSC sponsors trials in the spring and fall to allow us to compete and to evaluate how our training is going. We also sponsor training seminars that bring in top trainers. This allows us the opportunity to learn new training methods and improve the ones we are already utilizing.