There are many qualities inherent in the ideal working dog. He is a friendly, good-natured, family member; an alert, courageous protector; and an obedient, reliable companion. Schutzhund/IPO is a sport that evaluates these qualities and helps produce a confident protector and competitor in schutzhund/IPO trials.

The Tulsa Schutzhund Club is a member of DVG, a working dog organization that is based in Germany.  DVG is an all-breed organization. The purpose of the club is to title dogs in the sport of IPO/schutzhund.

Our regular training sessions are Saturday from approximately 7 Am till 1 PM and Wednesday from 7 PM till 10 PM. We encourage interested parties to visit us to get a feel for the training and the club.

Our club trial will be October 28th, 2017. Ted Hartman will be our judge.

The trial application can be downloaded here.

It is official, Peter Scherk, 2 times FCI World Champion, 1 time FMBB World Champion, and his wife Connie Scherk are coming to the Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a 4 day IPO Seminar. Join us on the 10-13th of November 2017 for a full four day seminar

The registration can be downloaded here.